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Our Last APA Payout Check

Below is a scan of the actual check we received for finishing fourth place in a five match per night, seven team league that played 17 weeks in the fall of 2011. No, there's no trick photography or digital slight of hand involved... we actually received just $5 (and still have the uncashed check to prove it)!

APA Payout Check

To be fair, the league operator did provide us with a breakdown of session payouts which amounted to $1,725. Based on the $5,040 taken in that session the APA returned just 34% to the players... the rest ended up in someone else's pockets. Our team's cut was supposed to be $135 but we were charged, without consent, $130 in individual APA dues for the next calendar year even though, for various reasons unrelated to pool, no members of our team had the intention of playing in the APA in 2012. There's more to the story but we'll spare you the rant...

Compare the APA's figures to NAPA of Boston's payout structure which guarantees that we pay back at least 50% to the players at the end of each session in addition to tournament and travel funds.

The above example is one of the many reasons we decided to affiliate ourselves with the North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA) in an attempt to bring a more fair, responsive, fun, and overall rewarding shooting experience to pool players in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Better People... Better Payouts... NAPA of Boston.

BREAKING NEWS: We have a new Wednesday 8-ball league forming in Rockland this fall! Get in touch with us to join or bring a new team on board!


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