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NAPA Player Skill Levels

The North American Poolshooters Association handicaps individual matches based on a skill level scale that is much more granular and dynamic than those employed by other national pool leagues. Although there is no theoretical cap for an individual NAPA handicap, the nationally highest skill players in 8- and 9-ball are currently rated 149 and 115 respectively. The majority of NAPA players, however, fall in the range of 30 to 70.


Players with no previous league experience begin NAPA play with a skill level of 50 (men) or 40 (women) unless NAPA of Boston league operators have due reason to adjust the figure up or down based on personal knowledge of the player's ability. Once league play has begun, the league operators have no influence whatsoever in determining a player's ongoing skill level... we trust the algorythm to do it's job from that point forward.

Players who have participated in organized league play are assigned an initial NAPA skill level appropriate to their established ability. NAPA uses the following chart to translate player handicaps from the most popular national pool leagues including APA, BCA, and TAP...

APA Handicap NAPA Skill Level
1-3 40
4 50
5 60
6 70
7 80
8+ 90

NAPA of Boston league operators assign initial NAPA skill levels on a case-by-case basis for players whose established handicaps come from the USAPL or a local independent league.

BREAKING NEWS: We have a new Wednesday 8-ball league forming in Rockland this fall! Get in touch with us to join or bring a new team on board!


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